Captain Daavos Brownbeard

Ex-Navy, Ex-Pirate, Transient Adventurer




Daavos’ parents – both travelling merchants – settled down in the burgeoning town of Port Mirrodin shortly after his birth, leaving the life of bivouacking and carousing to create an opportunity for their offspring that they never had. They repurposed the ground floor of a home on the waterfront as a small shop to peddle their wares while living on the second story.
As a lad, Daavos spent most of his days on the docks in Port Mirrodin, preferring to be close to his parents’ storefront while still maintaining a childish sense of independence and freedom. From this young age he revelled in songs, from the lullabies his mother would sing to him at night to the raucous shanties rumbling from ships along the docks and out of open tavern doors. The only sound he cared for more than song was the din of moving water; the tides rolling up the shore, splashing off the piers under his home, sloshing against the vessels moored at the docks – the only constant in Daavos memories of younger days was those ever present waves. With his parents busy running their shop, Daavos found himself left with very little supervision for most of his days, which he spent forging bonds with the other slighted local youths through feats of physical prowess from swimming against the currents to swatting one another with switches made from nearby saplings.
As his parents grew older Daavos gained more responsibility around the shop, helping his parents lift and move crates and barrels that were beyond their diminishing capabilities and handling more business transactions. However, a life spent behind a desk haggling with sailors and travellers was a life Daavos did not care to make for himself. So, seeking adventure, travel, and a fair bit of coin, he enlisted in the Royal Navy as a midshipman on The Blade of Gamor, a twenty four gun galleon under the command of Captain Dominic Wolfe.
The Blade was a formidable warship charged with patrolling the waters off the sword coast and the neighboring Moonshae Islands to maintain the King’s peace. Sporting holds with enough supplies for weeks without anchoring and a crew of seven score or more – including many skilled artisans and Naval officers in charge of training the greenhorn sailors – Daavos spent much of his first expedition learning the inner workings of the ship and the proper conduct of a royal seaman. It was on the upper deck of The Blade of Gamor that Quartermaster Lucas Copeland gave Daavos his first experience with a real blade – and he was instantly enamored. Daavos quickly became one of the most feared midshipmen on The Blade when it came to sparring; he would practice most days with all manner of blades, clubs, and long hafted weapons until his quartermaster considered his technique flawless. Among his other duties were maintaining lines and masts, cleaning decks, cooking in the galley, and keeping watch in the crow’s nest, but none of these duties caught his fancy quite like the art of combat.
He had been a few years at sea, stopping back in Port Mirrodin occasionally to visit his parents and repair anything that happened to be going awry in the shop when Daavos began to tire of the regiment and order associated with Naval duty. His whole life he had been free to roam at his leisure, and now he was told where to be, when to be there, what to be doing, what to eat, and how to swing his sword. His contract wasn’t due for renewal for another year. However, a life spent floating from port to port, answering to the commands of men three times his age was a life Daavos did not care to make for himself. So, seeking freedom, opportunity, and kindred spirits, he abandoned his post on The Blade of Gamor, spending his accrued earnings on a sloop which he used to slip away from the Navy quietly.

Captain Daavos Brownbeard

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