Vile Darkness

The Beginning: Outside Phandalin

It started with a cart. Four ragtag adventurers drove a supply-filled cart outside Phandalin, seeking the riches that would come with rescuing captured dwarf, Gundren Rockseeker.

These four adventurers were gnomish rogue Shekle Guildencratz; insane tiefling sorcerer, Mordai; Dragonkind prophet Smaldo; and an Aarakocra affectionately called “Birdman.”

After hemming and hawing, after bickering and procrastinating, after a stint of slackjawed meandering, the adventures were beset by a would-be goblin ambush. After easily dispatching the enemies, the group chose to let one, Griswell, live to snitch on his boss. Amidst a lively discussion with Shekle about personal finance and entrepreneurship, Griswell revealed that his boss to be a bugbear named Klarg. Griswell revealed the location of Klarg’s hideout, and mentioned the possibility of finding clues as to Gundren’s whereabouts there. Begrudgingly, the group spared Griswell’s life and proceeded to Klarg’s lair.


Stryder11 ShekleG

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